Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prayers Answered.

Ashlee called me today to say she finally blogged her news. She is now 13 weeks pregnant and due January 24. Of course, many in our lives already know it, in a quiet kind of way. She has a cute belly, she has become an even more picky eater (if that is possible), she is more emotional, she is having painful issues with her si joint, she is tired... but she is pregnant. We have to pinch ourselves... as we continue to pray. We are thankful beyond words and know what good parents she and Paul will be.

Second try with invitro. She had to be on complete bed rest for one week
very early on. Conrad loved to go over and snuggle with his La-La.


Betsy said...

Could not be happier for you guys! She will make SUCH a great mom. Congratulations!!

Becky said...

God is so good...all the time! . I praise the Lord for answered prayer and know the Lord has chosen the perfect parents for this little guy/gal. I love you Ash and Paul!

The Ashtons said...

That is some of the best news I have ever heard! Yay!!!!!!!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

oh what joy!