Thursday, July 21, 2011

CHA Chicago

If I had to sum up this week, I would call it a 'homecoming'. The summer CHA Tradeshow in Chicago (Craft and Hobby Association). As I looked around this year, I am probably the oldest in the group, not by age, but involvement in the scrapbook market, going on 20 years. There are many people I dearly love. We come together twice a year and catch up. Often tired in preparation for the show, struggling with the balancing of life and always seeking ways to simplify. We understand each other and know the stress that owning a business can bring and we cheer each other on...
Lisa (of Crate Paper) and Brenda

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Becky said...

I imagine it was good to see many of your old friends and business associates, but just as hard to be away from home for a week. You look good my sear sis. Keep on working toward simplifying.