Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Lindsey and Katie both brought a big pot of homemade soup over for dinner to go with the salad that Kelsie & Abby made... the joys of older children. Everything was yummy... especially the bacon wrapped water chestnuts Katie surprised us with. I basically showed up. It was nice. We invited Larry's parents, Betty & Joe over for dinner (Joe's bday) and the decorating of gingerbread houses... a sugary mess that the girls love to do and their men thankfully join in with them.

This year, Conrad grabbed some of each kind of candy and happily stuck everything together with frosting, eating his way through the night. Later he found a lot of joy dusting the houses with snowy powdered sugar. Ransom made a tepee out of spaghetti noodles and a tortilla... quite cool. Ashlee made a beautiful house as usual with her piping bag, all the while keeping a surprised eye on Josh's beautiful creation... yes he had a piping bag too! The rest were quite happy with a butter knife for spreading the frosting. Abby's house was cool with a cobblestone pathway and a swirled licorice rooftop. Lindsey & Tylers was a joint effort of different styles... loved their angry snowman! Betty's fell apart at the beginning and could not be put back together again. It was a fun night of being together and listening to Christmas music...

Lindsey & Tyler

Conrad knows exactly how he wants to build his house

Paul & Phoebe (3 months)

1. Ransom & Katie 2. Betty 3. Ashlee & Paul 4. Lindsey & Tyler
5. Abby 6. Kelsie & Josh


Becky said...

Thanks for the pictures; makes me miss you all the more. I've looked at all of 'em several times. Scott says it's been a long time since we've seen Lindsey smile like can see the love in her eyes. I love that picture of Ashlee and Paul too. (loved your hair Ash). We all chuckled at little Phoebe...she's looking like Conrad's twin there. I miss everyone so much and loved the houses. Ransom wins for creativity. What a nice memory for Grandpa Joe! Did I mention I miss you all? XXO

MSmith said...

You make it look so easy...and perfect!