Sunday, November 14, 2010

Talbot Time

Last night we got together with Talbot's for homemade CafeRio salads and much needed play time. Lisa, Jennilyn and Amanda surprised Lindsey with a quick bridal shower in another room away from the guys. We went around and everyone offered Lindsey a bit of advice... I even learned something new. Afterwards, we played the sock & shoe game (I am guessing, probably wrong name) and Celebrity. Then we went through our traditional drill the new groom to be Tyler with 20 questions... something that delights us but creates awkward moments for him. We did miss Brett & Marnie and Wes. It's been good to watch all of our kids grow up, some are marrying and creating families of their own... our Birrell/Talbot family is growing! Love you!

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Becky said...

God is so good, bringing you wonderful friends like the Talbot Family. Bet Tyler enjoyed those 20 questions...PS you can tell me what you learned later.