Friday, November 12, 2010

Region Volleyball

Who would have thought? was my first thought. Abby started playing volleyball for our church team and enjoyed it. They had fun, won some games and before we knew it, went to the region games to represent our stake church area. They lost in the final match. It was a joy to watch as Abby, with very little enthusiasm shown would get the ball over the net so consistently. My heart was happy just to watch her. If you know Abby, you know what I'm talking about... A big thank you to the leaders that love her and support her in Young Women's.


Ransom & Katie Bigelow said...

It was lots of fun to watch her. I hope we can watch her next year! I know Conrad loved to cheer Mano on.

Becky said...

Way to go Abby! Brings back the days when I played volleyball in our youth group. Love you hon.