Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday is an experience we know very little about. It is a day we STAY AWAY FROM THE CROWDS. Quite wisely I may add and now, Black Friday begins on Thanksgiving Day. Crazy! There was something on sale for a great deal at Toys or Us at 10pm on Thanksgiving night and Becky & I ventured out. The line was easily 5 feet wide and stretched out past RC Willey and down the side street. Thousands of people. We drove past and went home. This experience is not for us. The kids thought they would go to Walmart at midnight for their movie DVD's and games, only to be completely overwhelmed especially once they took their purchases and found the 2 hour line to save $10. They all headed home with empty arms and tired. We are all a bit wiser. Later in the day, when the crowds lightened up, we headed to Gap for 40% off and Lindsey quickly undressed a mannequin that was perfectly dressed for Tyler :)

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Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

Hey, we were all there for the movies at Walmart. Its all about the adventure and bonding while staying in the lines!!