Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life This Week

This week:
Cooling down this week and it really feels like fall. Conrad is having some kind of an allergic reaction and one of his ears is like 2x's bigger and red and floppy. Yes, Katie took lots of pictures. He looks funny. Phoebe hurled when she spit up as Conrad bent down to kiss her and she nailed him in the face and mouth... his look of surprise said it all. Josh's first experience with Phoebe's spit up, he still loves her though, but is on guard now... Lindsey & Tyler's wedding announcements are being printed. We are busy gathering vintage items at the thrift store for their celebration. Couponing. Ashlee and Paul have fed us dinner twice (and twice last week too) ... I may never cook again. I put off getting up early a couple of mornings, thinking I would talk to God and ponder. Instead I just fell asleep. Kelsie found this print to frame. I like it. We are looking forward to meeting Tyler's parents tomorrow night. Still pondering life and counting my blessings.


susana said...

Your frame needs another arrow, one that points from the "change something"bubble to the "are you happy?" bubble. Just sayin'.

hang in there;keep sleeping and pondering. Be sure to let me know when you learn the meaning of life. I'm dieing to know. =D

Erika Rae said...

I really, really like your "are you happy frame." LOVE vintage looking things like that. I can't wait to see pictures from Lindsay's wedding!