Sunday, October 3, 2010

LDS General Conference Weekend

LDS General Conference weekend for our family. For those of you that don't know what it is, our church has General Conference twice a year, one weekend every October and April. Four - 2 hour blocks of inspired talks from our prophets, apostles and other church leaders that we watch in our jammies from the comfort of our homes. There is always a talk that personally speaks to me. This year there were several, though I probably needed to hear President Uchtdorf the very most. Talks that are so good that everyone of different faiths would enjoy and learn from them. I did. I want to share them with all of you.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Re-focus our lives on the Lord
President Thomas S. Monson - Service
Elder Richard G. Scott - Faith
President Thomas S.Monson (RS Meeting) - Charity Never Faileth

Afterwards, we gathered at Larry's Mom and Dad's and had dinner of soups, salads and brownies. I love Larry's family. They are a blessing in my life and my appreciation and respect for them grow more through the years. What I love most is Larry's Mom and Dad's love of family. Their kids, grandkids and great grandkids mean everything to them. Yes, we are all different, but we are held together by love. I pray that I can be a good influence in my family through the years and unconditionally love them throughout their lives.

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Becky said...

I know you enjoy conference time, listening to your church leaders and gathering together as a family. I guess in our church revival is similar...a time where your spirit is refreshed and renewed. Love you all and miss you♥