Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bigger and Bigger Mess...

Thank goodness for Paul. Words I have thought everyday this week. We discovered quite the pond in the front yard of Pebbles... 250,000+ extra gallons of water over a two week period before we noticed our soggy front yard. When we get the water bill, I am hoping Orem City will have pity and take some $$ off the bill. Thankfully, this is Paul's area of smartness and he was able to take care of the problem... which got bigger and bigger until it almost swallowed up his back hoe. This whole week, while we waited for Blue Stakes and the dirt to dry out a bit, we turned off our main water at Pebbles and had to run next door to Arby's to use their bathroom... It was heaven to finally have working toilets and I will never, ever take them for granted again. Thank you Paul!!!

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Becky said...

Yuk. A water leak is never good timing. I'm so glad Paul was there to help. Hope the city will help towards the water bill too!