Saturday, August 14, 2010

Early Bird Yard Sales

I hit the yard sales early this morning with Emily (Ransom's sister) and we hit pay dirt, needing to come back three times to empty the car.... the patio is once again filled with pieces of furniture that need to be painted. This time I divided the sales in Orem into quadrants. It seemed to help.

I love finding used / uncared for furniture and breath new life into them with a fresh coat of paint. This summer we have seen just about every kind of yard sell there is and we have names for all of them... Crap Sale, Drive by Sale (no need to stop), Trash Sales, etc. Sometimes we follow a promising sign that says 'Huge Yard Sale' only to find a large heap of clothing on a tarp or stuffed animals. Disappointing. The thrill is in the hunt, only thing is when I come home with a special find for Pebbles, one of the girls falls in love with it and I am back in the hunt again.
Love, Brenda

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Becky said...

It's enough to get your heart pumping when you come across a great find at a yard sale! Sounds like you hit the jack pot in old furniture. Don't we love deals! I see lots more painting ahead for you guys.