Saturday, July 17, 2010

Laundry Baskets x 6

I was wondering today when my life changed and things like purchasing organization supplies thrill me. When life feels out of control, I organize. 6 laundry baskets x $3 = hope. Whites, lights, darks, levi's, towels & misc. I am tired of the piles in the laundry room and think we can make it a goal to sort our own things in the baskets. Larry just smiled, which said... good luck with this one. I feel hopefully optimistic :)
Love, Brenda

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Becky said...

Where are you going to put all those baskets? How about getting two of the laundry sorters like I have? Our boys sort their own laundry and have for years. It would take away much of the clutter in your laundry room.