Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chicken Caesar Salad

This is an easy summer favorite that we all love... I am thinking the blog may be a way for me to get our family recipe book done. I try to take a photo of the person that created it or the ones that love it the most!

Chicken Caesar Salad
Slice chicken breasts thinly in half, toss in olive oil, salt & pepper and garlic powder. Grill until done. Slice into strips. Place on a bed of romaine lettuce and top with shreds of parmesan cheese and croutons. Romaine lettuce can be tossed and coated with dressing before assembling salad or placed on top afterwards. (Our favorite dressing is Brianna's.)

Homemade Croutons
Homemade croutons are Conrad's snack of choice when he spends time at Ashlee & Paul's. She fills his little tupper over & over again and is devastated when there are no more. Last Halloween, Ash & Paul gave him him a bag of croutons when he was trick or treating. He would stop every once in awhile and munch on them!

Slice bread in 1/2 cubes (wheat, white or sourdough... they're all good) and drizzle with olive oil sprinkle with salt, paper & garlic powder. Toss together until coated 300 for an hour stirring every 15 minutes until crispy and dry.

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Becky said...

Your photos make any recipe delicious. I like your idea of blogging the recipes...then I get them in TN! Ashlee looks beautiful with Conrad♥ Love you and miss you.