Friday, June 25, 2010

The Master Cleanse

A neighbor of ours told us about The Master Cleanse, created about 30 years ago by Stanley Burroughs. Not specifically for weight loss but a deep down cleansing and detoxing of the body. 10 days long. Me, Larry, Ashlee, Ransom, Kelsie, Josh and Abby when she gets back from Girls Camp were on board. We started Wednesday and jumped in not really knowing what to expect, but liking what we have researched. Kelsie & Josh were done by 11am. Casualities of the Master Cleanse. Larry started with the Salt Bath in the morning and was 1.5 hours late for school. The salt water moves almost violently through your body removing toxins as it goes. I did the herbal laxative tea route, which tasted like wild grasses steeped in hot water. I plugged my nose. It didn't help. I have now moved on to the more tolerable capsules. Fresh squeezed lemons, pure maple juice & cayenne pepper. 6 -8 times a day. I also substituted the cayenne powder for the cayenne pepper capsules.

Day Three: I find it strange that I am not hungry, though the habit of eating leaves a noticeable HUGE emptiness in the day. My mind is clear and I have plenty of energy. So much of our home life revolves around the kitchen, but we will substitute being outside instead. It makes me realize that we all eat for social reasons much more then for survival. I am craving strawberries, a good steak and grilled onions. Truth be told: The cayenne does leave a bit of a 'burning butt' sensation as we are cleansing. I would highly recommend this so far, but will know more as I go along.
Day three... here goes:)

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Becky said...

Sounds like the Master Cleanse is cleaning you out all right, that plus getting the flu. Think of all those toxins leaving your body. Doing this as a family, giving encouragement to one another, will see you through. The lemon part sounds okay. I think the cayenne pepper sounds terrible...