Saturday, June 26, 2010

Craw-Dadding Day

We went and spent the afternoon at Strawberry. It felt good to get outdoors. A bit windy, but Ransom found us a quiet cove away from the wind. Fishing was not good, of course in the afternoon, it rarely is. We ended up catching crawdads. They were plentiful when we threw bacon wrapped rocks tied with string in the water. Then you have to pull them in very slowly and collect them in a bucket while they are still clawed on to the bacon. Conrad would not get too close to them and he threw every loose rock into the water. Ransom's sister Emily jumped in & quickly jumped out of the freezing water. Katie just enjoyed laying on the shore and relaxing, her favorite part of fishing. Ransom was delighted with his catch. I kept thinking how much Katie Coon in Tennessee would love them! We ended up releasing them.

Today is day four of the cleanse. Still can't believe we are doing this. Not hungry and still have plenty of energy, but a day at the lake with no food felt uneventful and just plain empty. Life feels empty. Ransom who is cleansing too, said it best... He feels he has lost his best friend. He misses his best friend. He dreams about his best friend. Me too. It feels good to have the support of Larry, Ashlee & Ransom and we compare bodily functions a lot... pretty interesting.

Abby is home from our church's girls camp today and she had a wonderful time. Her best year yet. We sure missed her while she was away. Ashlee and I both missed going up this year and thought about them all quite a bit.
Love Brenda


Becky said...

I loved the pictures. The only thing missing was me! How I would love to be there. Yes, Katie Coon would have loved those crawdads. I agree, we get lots of joy from eating and our day is vacant without it. I'm so proud of you all. Hang in there. Think of how clean the inside of your bodies will be!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

could conrad be any cuter...that forst picture kissing katie just melts your heart!