Monday, May 31, 2010

The Move Next Door

We moved to the space next door in St. George this past weekend. After much planning and list making, we headed down midweek to begin painting and clearing out the old store. We love Wendy, our St. George manager and her upbeat, dig in attitude. It went much better then I could ever imagine and we appreciate all the help we received. Larry & the girls, Ransom, Maria & Jared, Charles, St. George store girls... It's true, many hands make light work and many memories. Thank you so much!!! As I looked around the past 3 days, I kept thinking about the industrious ANT as I would see everyone busy on their area... some painting, screwing in grid, arranging & displaying, carrying product over from next door (sometimes a full grid at a time), making signs, running errands, watching kids, wiping down shelves, figuring out wiring and before we knew it, everything came together and the move was complete. I am LOVING the feel of the new store!

Memories of the trip:
Stopping for junk food in Beaver so we could make it the next 1.5 hours to St. George, moments of contention, hoping each night to soak our feet in the hot tub but getting back too late and it was closed, wondering how all this stuff will fit into a smaller store, trailer is much fuller going back, Conrad running around and crazy wired after 4 hours of travel, dropping into bed exhausted each night, falling asleep on the toilet, playing name that tune on the way home, having car problems 5 minutes from home and being pulled the rest of the way by Paul. So happy to be home earlier than we thought we would be. There is no place like home, unless it is in Tennessee :)
Love, Brenda
ps. Take a look here to see what my sister Becky & her family did in Tennessee this weekend!

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Becky said...

Thanks for the pictures Brenda. Our weekends were so different... Want to swap? Your furniture compliments the new store. Everything worked out due to your planning and family/co-workers all pitching in. You are so blessed with a wonderful family! Give everyone my hugs. I miss you all so much, and even more♥