Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day brought a mixture of feelings today, mostly thankfulness of being Mom to my five girls and growing family of sons. Motherhood has taught me patience, humor, hardwork, heartache at times, sacrifice, thankfulness, tolerance, forgiveness, service, unconditional love and joy. Not always easy in a family of six girls, but always worth it. I have been struggling this year and I am continually amazed how God can fill in the empty parts of my life with goodness and make it whole again, if I let Him. The most difficult part is letting go and giving it to Him. I am still learning and believe it will be a life long process.

Larry and the girls grilled steaks for dinner and we had Larry's parents over. Larry has a tender spot in his heart for his Mom. She understands him, probably because they are so thankfully much alike. Scott and Jill came by and filled us in on their phone call with Cameron who is on a mission to St. Louis Missouri. I loved the apron the girls made me and have already started to eat my 1lb dark See's candy from Larry. I am going to try and make it last, but there are no guarantees. Yum! I loved spending the day with my family.
Love, Brenda
Lindsey, Katie, Brenda, Kelsie Ashlee and Abby


Becky said...

You look absolutely cute in your apron! I love it. Loved all the pictures too. You are blessed from the Lord with a family that loves you....and a sister too♥ A special Happy Mother's day to you from across the miles.

Kat said...

Happy Mother's Day!

The Ashtons said...

Cute, cute, cute!