Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day before Mom's Day

Saturday brought helpers over to work in the yard for my Mother's Day present... probably the best present they could give me. Weeding, edging, digging, rearranging and throwing out were done quickly. Many hands make light work and I sure appreciated it. We did take breaks here and there to blow bubbles with Conrad. Thank you everyone! We grilled hamburgers while it was warm outside, it still gets pretty cool in the evenings.
Love, Brenda


Becky said...

Looks like some work and lots of play. I could use some help in my yard; the weeds and grass grow like a forest here. Great mother's day tradition! Love you all. PS. I just got my rug Yahoo I love it! Tell Ashlee thank you. XXO

Abby said...

Hey mom! I was wondering if you could send me the picture of me and dad where he is drinking and I am just smiling? Thanks so much and I love you tons!