Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pauly's Bday

A couple of days after Paul's Bday, we got together for a night of Shish-kabobs, cheesecake and of all things, leg wrestling! Conrad slept through just about all of it. My son of eight years could not be more loved... he is a mixture of all boy, big brother, 100% solid muscle, tenderness, protector, listening ear, kind-hearted, always ready to pitch in and help with anything. Happy Birthday Paul!

While it sounds fun to have each person make their own bobs, in reality it was hard to keep track of who made it, try to keep the shrimp ones away from those that don't like shrimp and cook them all evenly in a timely way because we were starving! I think next time, we would make them ahead of time... all shrimp, all vegetables, all meat, etc. It really could be a healthy, easy & fun meal with a little more organization.
Love, Brenda

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