Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My #50 Birthday

I woke up to spring snow and a yummy breakfast made by Larry and the girls. Becky let me know that logistically I am entering in my 51st year and that I have been 50 this whole past year. That was a good way to start my day :) It felt wonderfully strange to have a lazy day and not be hurried. We went for a walk / bikeride in the snow, hail and by the time we got back, blue skies... we even saved some worms along the way.

Becky finally talked me into going shopping for a bit. I knew something was up because we are both non-shoppers, so why would we go on my Bday? Hmmm. Another clue was when Larry told me that today would not be the best day to stay in my pj's. Hmmm again. When we got back, the house had been transformed to tidiness and filled with good food, music and balloons. I had the best time visiting with loved ones. I realized I was much loved and felt overwhelmingly blessed. I think I have wasted years of my life waiting to be loved by a certain few and have not fully thanked the Lord for those that really love me, even though I can be outspoken and yes, irritating at times. I forgot to take pictures (How can that be?) But the girls did take Polaroid's of everyone. You could've heard a pin drop when I announced that my sister Becky may be younger, but she is going through the change first. All eyes went to Becky... who is a young 49 for now :) Scott's Mom called Becky and left a message to wish me happy Bday. Sweet. Overall, I feel thankful to be 50 and to be able to share life with my family and friends. My deeper thoughts can come later.
Love, Brenda


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Happy Birthday! It sure looks like you know how to celebrate. How fun!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

hurray, now all of my friends are over 50! that was very thoughtful of larry to let you know that you should get out of your pj's...but we would have loved you either way! happy birthday my dear sister!