Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

We went to Scott & Jill's cabin to bring in the New Year... After snowmobiling, we kept looking at the clock and wondering how we were going to stay awake until midnight. We made tin foil dinners and watched Cameron's home movies, played Celebrity and Cameron taught us how to play "How Low Can You Go?" with a paper grocery sack. You have to stand on one foot and bend down and grab the paper bag by your mouth, no using your hands or touching the ground with your other foot. Occasionally, one would grab the bag on an already wet part and the eweness factor set in. Each time everyone had a turn, Cameron would cut off another couple of inches. It came down to Cameron & Miranda, with Cameron pulling off the final win, like some very fine exotic bird. Larry didn't feel good and fell asleep far before the new year began. Thank you Scott & Jill!

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