Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Dinner

You know it's getting cold outside when Ashlee showed up with the dessert all bundled up. It's nice having her and Paul live close by. Last night we planned our December with the things we really want to do all together. It's easy to try and pack it too full. Ashlee has a good idea about doing little things everyday that bring the Christmas spirit... serving others, watching a movie or reading a Christmas book, playing a game & listening to Christmas music, etc.

At church, Rosemary talked about starting a Gratitude Journal. We have had our High / Low journal for years and it is now a good time to start a Family Gratitude Journal. It is so easy to focus on the things you miss in your life or the struggles and forget to be grateful for the blessings you do have. I think this will help me a lot.


Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

GIngerbread houses and Bunco with the Talbot's better have been part of your December planning!!

Birrell Family said...

For sure Yes! We left that open with you guys. I called your Mom last night but no one was one... I will try again today :)

Becky said...

Sometimes the moments leading up to Christmas are my most cherished times..doing things for others, church celebrations,cantatas, live nativity scenes, lights, baking with music playing and the list goes on.