Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shopping again?

I will try so hard not to bore you with my new found thrill... and I am not even a shopper. But, what I do love is a great deal! I haven't heard from any of you yet to hear if you have tried it. $4.95 a month. The food ads came out on Wednesday and I waited with much anticipation for my red highlighted items to print out. Much of the list was the same... Thanksgiving / fall foods. There were some great hidden deals that were different then last week.... canned vegetables (.98 for .47), butter, cream cheese, olives, condensed milk, canned pumpkin, mandarin oranges, whip cream. Again we stocked up big time. Most were bargains at 50% off. The tricky part is coming home with so much basic food and the kids ask, 'What's to eat?' We have to be creative the rest of the week because we spent pretty much our entire food budget... but it is so worth it. I see another freezer in my future :)

Last night, after two wedding receptions, Ashlee and Paul came along with Larry and I for grocery shopping. For the record, Paul said he will never come again. I thought he was kidding, but Ashlee assured me he wasn't. He did however, encourage her to do this with her Dad and I. It was probably because every time I would see someone reach for a food item that I knew was on the red highlighted list, I would passionately share the website info with them and tell them to be sure and get that item price matched. Two shopping carts later, we were done. I can't help it, this is a cool way to build a good food storage.

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Becky said...

When you are passionate about something, you are passionate! I can see you in the store sharing your new found interest with those you meet. Scott and the boys would be like Paul...not their thing, but I bet you and Ashlee had fun :) I see this as your new hobby...