Monday, November 9, 2009

A Full Day

Today Kris had two back to back dates. Breakfast with Kelsie and lunch with Katie. Tomorrow she finishes up the five girls with Abby for dinner. One on one time is good. I watched Conrad at Pebbles during lunch. He reminds me of a wild zoo animal that has escaped from his cage... his growling is getting louder by the day!

In the afternoon, Kris and I tackled the back yard and got it ready for winter. Plenty of pruning and raking. Afterwards, we made more of our favorite salad... tossed greens, feta cheese, cinnamon & sugar pecans and strawberries, all tossed in a strawberry vinaigrette. Then we snacked on our second batch of Apple Crisp this week. Yum!


Becky said...

Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful and productive visit! I know Nana (and the girls) are enjoying their special time together. By the way, your salad looks delicious. Thinking about you all the time!

Marilyn said...

She is a very beautiful lady. I love the light that shines from her face.