Thursday, October 8, 2009

Room Service

Last night in Vegas. Just about everyone is heading to the shows. Me? Jammie time. I ordered a room service BBQ hamburger. It's been a good day thinking about business and networking. I have been a store owner longer than anyone here. By far. It was good to be able to help the new store owners with the things I have learned over the years, no sense in them making the same mistakes. Moving forward, we are all in the same position as we learn about the digital options that will be best for our customers and try to figure out this market. There are so many cool ideas that will delight our customers :)


paul & ashlee said...

i love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow. way to pamper yourself!

Kelsie said...

We all miss and love you back home, especially dad (I don't think he knows what to do without you). I love you!

Kat said...

I love room service. Is that your toes? Love your toe ring.

Becky said...

I think that's great about sharing your knowledge and wisdom gained over the years as a business owner. You're always helping others. A hamburger on a silver platter...You're worth it and much more.