Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is my territory... at least for now

For my entire married life I have lived with a man that believes there is a certain way to load the dishwasher. It's in his family's genes... all his siblings are in control of their dishwashers too. I'm not gonna lie, it's been a big blessing. 'Don't learn to do well what you don't want to do' comes to my mind and I smiled to myself as he loaded it 'his way' all these years. I worked on other things.

I still remember when he started school full time this summer. I came home from work and looked at the dishwasher. I stood there a long time. Who was going to empty it and load it with the piling dishes in the sink? Larry? Kelsie? Abby? No one was home. Me? Really?

Times change. In the past couple of months, I have taken over the duties so Larry can work and focus on his schooling. My style is completely different. If I can squeeze something in, even if there is no apparent room, I will. Larry has given up control at least for now and to my surprise has kept his mouth shut about my loading abilities. I will be the first to give it back once school is over :)


susana said...

If dishwasher loading is a genetic trait...we must be related! ;-D

Kat said...

Just had to smile. Dishwashers - they should be posted a certain way. =)

Becky said...

You won't be giving that back to Larry when he is done with school,he'll be working :)