Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keith Urban Night

We learned what a cheap $20 ticket will buy at a Keith Urban concert... the top back row. We kept walking up until we could walk no further, but felt pretty lucky... afterall, there was no one to tell us to sit down from behind. The girls took advantage of it the entire night as they sang and danced. They lost it at the very beginning when they saw his shadow behind the curtain. Once it fell and slowly drifted down, the hair flipping, weirdo hand/dance movements and singing at the top of their lungs began. By the time the concert ended, we were nearly alone as people had slowly moved away. We sang along with Keith all the way home on the radio.


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Is there a cuter, closer, funner family than yours...I think not!

Tina said...

#1 love--love Keith, would love to see him in concert??
#2--love the pictures and mostly the "HAIR" flying.

Becky said...

Girl night:) A night of screaming and singing...great pictures to remember your night with Keith Urban. He's been to Rogersville too.