Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mi Ranchito's

We went out to eat at Mi Ranchito's last night. The best place in the world! I would eat there everyday if I could... it's always my first choice. Comfort mexican food. Our family has gone to Mi Ranchitos for all of the 27-ish years they've been in business. The daughter of the owner had a baby the same week we had Kelsie and we have kept in touch through the years. My extended family eats there too and they give me a heads up of who has been in. Last night my sister Bonnie & Mike were there. I am thinking about learning spanish just by eating there... one word a meal. I know a handful of words: Gracious, nada, agua, familia, de nada... tonight I learned Guapo which means handsome and brought a smile to our waiter's face.


Mackey Family said...

You ALL needed a night out to relax and enjoy some good food! We love the Birrell Family!

Becky said...

I love Mi Ranchito's too. It's a treat just to go out. Glad you treated your family to dinner after all the hard work they did at your store over the weekend:)

Beth said...

Brenda, you look beautiful in this picture