Saturday, September 19, 2009

Illustrator Class at Pebbles

Today at Pebbles we had our very first Adobe Illustrator class taught by Alma Loveland. The very best thing about being at Pebbles is the people. I have missed that these past years. Today I spent time with some very lovely women. I did notice a very big difference between the younger women in the class (all of them) and myself. I do not grasp and retain the computer techniques near as quickly as they do. It is amazing how easily the younger generation picks up technology. I told Alma that we probably need two classes and offer the older ones a "I have taken the class and I still don't get it!" Sign me up for that one :)

Alma with Lisa, Robyn, Stacey, KelliJo, Amy and Brenda

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susana said...

Obviously, Youth and Energy are highly contagious germs and your immunities against them have not fully developed!