Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schools Back In!

First day of school for Abby. It didn't come with much excitement, it came with a 9th grade whatever attitude ... she can take it or leave it, though we know she enjoys it because she gets stinking good grades and doesn't complain too much. Pancakes for breakfast then off to the bus stop without Miranda this year. We missed her this morning. Miranda moved to the neighborhood next to us over the summer. Still close by, but a different bus route. Lucky for us she was here after school, perfect for me to take pictures of their first day.
(Abs) Pancakes accidentally spelled backwards

Abby & Miranda


susana said...

exactly what does B and S mean? especially backward...just wondering?

Becky said...

I can answer that one... Abs...short for Abby (but the b and s are backwards:)

Kat said...

it felt weird to me not having Miranda walking to Abby's house to take the bus. Thanks for taking care of her.