Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gone Camping

This past weekend we found a new favorite area to go camping, up off the Skyline Drive in the Manti-LaSal National Forest area (Thanks to Josh Mackey for our personalized map). By the time we got up there, it was getting pretty dark. We didn't quite make it to where we had intended to go, but felt thankful we found an area to to camp in and settled in for the night. We were delightfully surprised by the area in the morning and decided to stay put for the weekend... lots of wide open spaces and creeks.

We set up camp and Ransom went off to gather firewood. He got a gashing wound on his head. Lots of blood, but thanks to Ashlee's nursing skills, we are happy to report he will live :) Katie & Lindsey met up with Ransom in Fairview on Saturday and he brought them to camp for the rest of the time. Is there is anything better than getting away from everything with your family and going camping?

Memories of this trip:
Non stop talking by the girls on the way up.Tin foil dinners. Conrad's boots seem so large for his body. Ransom's fire building skills. Our continuing story around the campfire. Lindsey & Katie ended up in Helper instead of Fairview and had to back track. Conrad is happy throwing rocks in the creeks all day long. Suburban got stuck in the mucky mud and a nice man with a chain pulled us out. We paid it forward and jump started another family. Fishing. Watching the girls get into the water at the lake 'How many times can we count to three?' A bath in the creek. Paul & Ash target practice. Ransom & Katie slept outside under the stars and woke up to a lot of rain in the middle of the night. Katie was not wanting to sleep outside, but Ransom pulled out his little knife and spoke in his spanish accent, ' I will protect my Katie and push him away with my little knife because he was coming to get my woman.' Thunder & lightning storm, Kelsie thought I was taking pictures with a flash. Everyone seemed to be up, rearranging themselves all night, not a good nights sleep, but a funny memory to look back on. Ransom's gas in the trailer. My favorite part? Listening to the sounds of family while I'm still laying in bed. When can we go again?

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Becky said...

I took my time and looked at every picture twice, wishing I were there with you. There's something special about camping and being together as a family. Great blog Brenda. XXO