Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pit Night

Ashlee & Paul, Lindsey and I went up to my niece Sandi's home for a lively game of Pit and potluck dinner. Sandi was sure to call it a Pit night, rather than a dinner party. Either way, I believe it was a 'do again' and will leave it in Ashlee & Sandi's hands to plan... this night was years in the planning. We enjoyed seeing her home, a cozy little bungalow that she is fixing up nicely.
1. Marlise & Sandi 2. Paul & Ashlee 3. Lindsey & Brenda
4. David & Natalie

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Becky said...

I haven't played Pit in years; we've got it in our game cupboard though. I like the new picture of Lindsey you posted...she looks fabulous :)