Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I made it until 2:41 pm

Every morning I look in the mirror and say, 'I can do this'. I am doing my best to get off junk food. Everyday I make my very healthy lunch [yes, one of the downfalls of Larry in school. I am now on my own in the lunch making department and must admit at first it felt very awkward to me. Where is my Larry Boy? It just doesn't taste as good and when I eat it, I don't quite feel so loved].

Yesterday it was the M&M's that called out to me at Pebbles... rather boldly at 2:41pm. I remember looking at the clock. Darn it! Last month, I was so focused, with God as my partner on my healthy eating program and then something happened. I made fresh salsa and threw myself off a cliff. Since that time I believe I have made 6 gallons of salsa and with that comes chips and suddenly my chocolate cravings popped up. Oh stop!

For now I will continue on with my very healthy lunches and pray that my focus will kick in once again on my continued quest for weight loss. Wish me luck!


Becky said...

Cute picture...M&Ms on your key board staring back at you is not a good sign! As for dieting, it's a lifetime struggle. Some days are good and some are M&M days! Just hang in there Sis and try each day. God made you beautiful no matter what the weight. Love you.

The Ashtons said...

You are inspiring me! Way to go, Brenda!