Sunday, August 2, 2009

A much needed camp trip...

We just got back from a camping trip above Hannah, Utah. Lately life feels like I go to work and come home, repeated over and over again. It's maddening! This was a much needed break for all of us. Katie, Ransom & Conrad went to Arizona and we missed them.

Memories of the trip:
I didn't lift a finger to help, I simply packed a couple of things and left (planning by Ashlee & Larry). Everyone got along... not always the case. No computer, slightly panic feeling. Not even to Heber and I'm getting on everyone's nerves (Lindsey's words). No dinner on the first night, the diner was closed so it was cold cereal for us (Kelsie opted for bed instead). Ashlee & Paul hit a deer, but are luckily ok (we think the deer is too). Eating Paul's Magic Cookie Bars while we waited for him. Ashlee sent Paul up with wrong directions and he took the long way to get to camp. Someone has stinky feet Lindsey? Me to Lindsey, 'Do me a favor and write your thoughts down.' Singing. Thought to pray after I poured milk on my cereal (make it a quick one). 'We are out here to enjoy nature, shut up', Larry said with a smile. Catching a baby fish and cleaning it, after Paul's revival efforts proved unsuccessful. Playing SCUM, Paul likes to be king. Ashlee's dutch oven Monkey Bread, How will I ever lose weight? I sat on a fish hook with fish bait, ugly as Larry picked it off me. Three day old hair. Reading books. 'Would you rather have wisdom or gold? I asked, 'Can't I just read?', Kelsie replied. Cold, cold, cold water. Abby's way loud gurgly burp. Tin foil dinners. Waking up on our last day to Kelsie wanting to know our exact itinerary so she could get back to Josh, she kept us on a tight schedule. We are looking forward to our next trip :)
1 & 2. Cold cereal for dinner 3. A walk 4. Skip B
5. Camp area 6. Yes. That is my bottom with a fishing lure in it :(

1 . My baby fish 2. Pauled cleaned my fish 3-5. Our Ashlee :)

1. Ash & Kels heading into the lake 2. Ash & Kels quickly stepping
back out of the lake once they found out how cold it was
3. Paul splashing Ash & Abby 4. Lindsey & Kelsie
5. Waterfight 6. Ash & Linds

1. Larry & Paul 2. Larry & Kelsie 3. Ashlee 4. Abby
5. Kels & Abby 6. Lindsey

1. Abby 2. Brenda & Larry 3. Ashlee picking at Paul 4. Lindsey
5. Kelsie 6. Paul & the girls

1. Kelsie's three day hair 2. Paul 3. Making tin foil dinners
4. Yummy dinner 5. S'mores 6. Ash

1. Yes! That's Larry serving me M&M's 2. Abby 3. Lindsey's socks
4. Kelsie 5. Ash & Linds 6. Playing SCUM

1. Ashlee dutch ovening her rolls 2. Linds 3. Ashlee
4. Paul & Abby 5. Heavenly Monkey Bread


susana said...

Brenda, that is one little-itty-bitty fish you caught! Good job! (there should be a prize for that)
I think that the best part about camping is when it's finally over. =D
Look's like you had a great time!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

What fun! You almost make me want to go camping...almost! You have such a great family! Isn't someone else missing...where's Josh? How did you get those two be apart that long?

Birrell Family said...

Cell phone coverage down the road helped Kelsie & Josh :)

Becky said...

Loved all the pictures...full of memories. Camping always brings my thoughts back to our trips to Flaming Gorge, except the fish were much bigger! Glad you got some much needed "away time".