Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 Birrell Family Reunion Day 2

Memories of Day 2
Yummy breakfast in the backyard, family relays by Brent & Carolyn (pushing the potatoes across the yard with a pencil, racing with our toes carrying marbles, twirling around the crochet mallets and knocking over the cups with wet sponges, pie eating contest, collecting corks with only your mouth in the swimming pool, filling up a liter bottle with a leaking plastic cup of water), Birrell / Anderson girls playing Ultimate UNO in teams, whiffle ball, making fresh limes in the afternoon, David & Natalie in love, playing Scattergories Scott & Jill style, just being together, the kids running & jumping in the pool, naps, Conrad jumping into the pool, bbq brisket sandwiches, family picture with those able to be there, playing an enlightening game of "How Well Do Mom & Dad Know Each Other?" Homemade ice cream sandwiches, Angie & Kristen are already in the planning stages of Birrell Family 2010 and we are looking forward to it :)

The Birrell Family Reunion 2009

1. Larry serving up pancakes 2. Breakfast to start our day
3. Kelsie & pancakes 4. Brent & Carolyn over see the relays
5. Ransom & Katie pushing potatoes 6. Ash & Linds pushing potatoes

The Teams:
1. Natalie, Joe, Larry, Kammi, Jessica, Marcos
2. Jill, Caiden, Ashlee, Katie & Conrad, Julie & Craig, Kevin
3. Kristen, Darci, Mandi, Abby, Austin
4. Teresa, Cameron, Brenda, Alex, Sandi, Hal
5. Lindsey, Kelsie, Zack, BriAnna, Kassi, Scott
6. Chelsea, Tosh, Michael, Betty, Sydney, Ransom

1. Sandi 2. Larry & Abby 3. Jumping in to collect corks
4. Hal & Cameron 5. Collecting corks with mouth 6. Carrying water

1. Running with marbles in toes 2. Lindsey
3. Ransom, Katie & Conrad 4. Pie eating contest
5. Cameron & Austin 6. Scattergories

1. Joe napping 2. Ashlee as Kiera Knightly
3. Abby, Austin & Kammi
4. Birrell / Anderson girls playing Ultimate Uno in teams
5. Ransom & Conrad 6. Katie & Conrad

1. Perching Paul 2. Mini golf
3 & 4. Playing 'How Well Do Mom & Dad Know Each Other?'
5. Joe 6. Betty

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BriAnna said...

The big family picture turned out pretty good! Are you going to post a photo gallery of the reunion???

Becky said...

Wow, talk about days full of activities. Have you ever thought about writing a book on reunion ideas? Loved the family picture. I know you all look forward to this special time every year and I can tell why! Love you all. Great pictures Brenda:)

Brittany and Scott said...

looks like the reunion was a lot of fun!!