Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where's the DI Pile?

When we got home after church tonight, Kelsie & Lindsey were busy washing dishes and sweeping the floors. Anyone that really knows Kelsie is aware that she is very territorial when it comes to 'her floors'. Nothing gets under her skin more than dirty floors. She made a list and we divided up and quickly tackled the cleaning... knowing there is no better gift we can give Kelsie for her graduation tomorrow :)

Abby's job was putting the winter coats into the closet. I was puzzled when she held up my coat and ask where the thrift store pile was. For my coat, I asked? Yes Mom. Dad told me to get rid of it. Another hint they don't like how I dress.


Amy said...

How Rude!

Becky said...

well...the floor sure looked clean! I'll let you guys decide what goes in the "DI" pile :)