Thursday, May 28, 2009

OHS Graduation Day 2009

Graduation Day brought smiles and some tears as we realize that Kelsie is leaving high school and heading into the future, filled with wonderful plans and dreams. The years have gone by so quickly with our 'loves to stay near home' daughter. While we are very happy with her accomplishments academically, it's not what brings us the most joy as parents. Our joy comes from really liking the person she has blossomed into... filled with kindness (except when she is overly tired), looks for ways to serve, thoughtful and much more confident with herself knowing she is a daughter of God.

Looking back on her life, our Kelsie has gone through many stages growing up...
Reading constantly stage (yes! library was a must-go every week)
Third person stage "Kelsie is tired and going to bed"
Homesick stage "Come get me NOW!"
Crap stage "Good crap" "Are you crapping me?"
Wanting to be the parent stage "There must be consequences!"
The Bucket stage "You're a bucket!"
The indecisive stage... Still kind of in it, maybe?

Every stage has been a learning experience for us as parents and gives us plenty of memories to look back on as our kids grow up... the good, bad and ugly moments.

Afterward graduation, we headed over to Brick Oven for lunch with both families so the two graduating cousins and their grandparents could be together. Abby stayed at the Jr. High for yearbook signing day and missed the graduation, but made it for lunch :)

Kelsie Lynn Birrell

Paul, Ashlee, Larry, Brenda, Kelsie, Katie, Lindsey

Kelsie and her cousin Cameron

1. OHS Graduation at the Marriott Center 2. Kelsie walking through
the O 3. Tigers 4. Kelsie sitting on stage, moving tassle to other side
5. Kelsie and G & G Birrell 6. Kelsie with her Honor Society & Tassles

1. Ashlee, Lindsey, Katie & Kelsie (Abby is in school, yearbook day)
2. Kelsie, Brenda & Larry 3. Paul & Ashlee, Kelsie 4. Lindsey & Kelsie
5.Katie & Kelsie 6. Paul, Ashlee, Lindsey, Katie & Kelsie

1. Cameron & Kelsie Birrell 2. Abby & Kelsie 3. Kelsie, Brittany,
Mary & Jaynann 4. Kelsie & Jaynann 5. Cameron & Kelsie Birrell,
lunch at Brick Oven 6. Ransom, Katie, David (Ransom's brother)
& Conrad

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susana said...

great big huge hug and congrats to you mamma! I really can relate to your emotions. Its such a milestone. Good Job!