Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tennessee Wednesday

We seem to be sleeping in every morning and getting slow starts to our days. Becky is discovering friends on Facebook, much to her delight. I taught her how to talk to Randy, her son away at college, on Facebook with text messaging. It went something like this:
Becky: Hi!
Randy: Who is this?
Becky: It's Becky Little, your Mom
Randy: How did you get on here?
Becky: Well Randy, you accepted me has your friend yesterday

Much to Becky's delight, Scott brought home a lawn mower battery. She was thrilled. We are thrilled we don't have to hear 10xs a day how long the grass is. She gave Ash & I lessons on their zero radius lawnmower. Apparently I scared the heck out of her as I got near her berry bushes, but Ash did great. We went into town to the co-op and to her work to visit. Ethan drove us home. Hard to believe he is driving...

I checked my emails in the afternoon and much to my horror, Josh & Lindsay have been quite busy on this April Fool's Day at Pebbles. They seem to out do themselves every year... I am finding it necessary to step up my game. They posted a couple of splendid entries using my password and some pretty cool fake memories and cut & pasted faces... even my sister Becky said she had to hand it to them... 'they do kinda sound like you Brenda'. Of course, I woke up last April Fools Day with morning phone calls from people wanting to buy my car that was listed on for a cheap deal... yes, more handy work from Josh & Lindsay. I hear they are treating us all to Icee's when I get back and cleaning the bathroom at Pebbles when my turn comes around. Sweet!

Tonight was Hallmark movie night and we watched The Ultimate Gift & The Christmas Card, both are excellent for a family library for those who love 'love'.
1. Ethan driving 2. Lakeview Grocery where the locals gather
3. Becky, Renea & Linda at Becky's office for Hawkins County Schools
4. This is chewing tobacco country 5. Katie Coon 6. Tiger

1. The Little home 2. Look how long the grass is? 3. Ashlee sweeping
4. Just one of Scott's old cars 5. Ethan 6. Ethan, Brenda & Ashlee

1 & 2. Becky mowing 3. Brenda mowing 4. Ashlee mowing
5. Steak & Noodle casserole 6. The crusty edges are the BEST part!

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Nana said...

I am so glad we are family. We are so blessed.