Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lotion Blobs

I found this picture on my phone last night and couldn't stop laughing. When we went down to California with Larry's family to go to Disneyland in the Fall, Larry & I shared a room with Ash & Paul. If our family has any one gift, it would be that we can entertain ourselves and have fun anytime, anywhere... at no cost!

I put a blob of lotion on my hand and as I smacked it, the blob would go hurling towards Ash... smacking her face in complete surprise. After the lights were turned off, it continued in the dark. This picture was taken after she turned the light back on. You can tell by the look on her face and the lotion blobs all over her bed, that it is a struggle to know when to say when :)


Becky said...

The abuse you take from your mom Ashlee. It doesn't take much to get us tickled...thank goodness for the handy camera.

Zcook said...

For some reason this reminded me of a few years ago when I was working with the Young Men.
Josh A. took my cell phone off the table and within one minute (and before I could get it back from him) he had taken a self portrait and had saved it as my wallpaper on the phone. Geez, the kid was fast. It wasn't even his phone, yet he was pretty adapt at doing this operation -- and quickly.

Bro. Z