Friday, April 17, 2009

Goblin Valley

First thing Kelsie said last night when we got here was, "Yippee I have service, the world doesn't end like I thought it would". I had just complimented Larry on his sense of direction, when we hit a dirt road and had to turn around. Kelsie doesn't think she could live anywhere there isn't a Harmon's. Larry didn't want my 30 degree hands anywhere near him last night. We believe we will lose12 lbs of fat on this trip from shivering. Ransom, Katie & Conrad pulled in a little after midnight last night, we are happy they came. It's been nice being here with Larry's sister & family... Kristen, Kevin, Alex, Zac & Sydney. Austin & Jessica also came, while Larry's brother Scott, Jill and Cameron are in Wash DC. It's good to see the cousins together.

We woke to a cold windy morning and it stayed like that the whole day. I don't think it got above 45 degrees with the wind. My favorite part was watching Ransom jump from rock to rock having the most fun of anyone. Conrad is just happy to be in the dirt. We couldn't go near the slot canyons today... extreme flash flood danger. Paul & Ashlee got here this afternoon... yippee! Instead of cooking at camp, we went out for hamburgers to Ray's Tavern. It was warm. Then we came back and made a camp fire and roasted Starbursts & marshmallows. We are bundled in our blankets for bedtime and are finally getting warm. It was a good day, but we are sure hoping for a warmer day tomorrow.

1. Ransom & Conrad sleeping 2. Kelsie & Abby making lunch to go
3. On our way for the day 4. Kelsie & Abby
5. Ransom, Katie & Conrad 6. Ransom our jumper1. Larry & Brenda 2. Larry & Abby 3. Larry & Kelsie
4. Katie, Kelsie & Abby 5. Ransom & Conrad
6. Kevin, Kristen & Sydney
1. Katie & Kelsie 2. Kelsie & Abby 3. Larry, Brenda, Kelsie & Abby
4. Kelsie & Abby 5. Ransom 6. Abby
1. Paul 2. Ashlee & Conrad 3. Larry 4. Ransom
5. Brenda & Kelsie 6. Playing games


Becky said...

I can feel you guys shivering all the way here. Wish I could give you our 75 degree weather today. says warm weather is coming your way so hold on! Loved all the pictures of you guys and the rugged rocks. I love Utah. Miss you all. I've got lots of commenting to do!

Brittany and Scott said...

looks like you guys are having a great time. i can't believe you have internet reception out there.