Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday we woke to perfect weather. Blue skies and slightly cool. We slept in a little bit and then headed over to hike the Delicate Arch & Landscape Arch. We had a good time, though hiking to the Delicate Arch is longer than the 3 miles round trip they say it is. Everyone I quizzed along the way seemed to agree... especially the chubby, out of shape people :)

I did notice that when Conrad is thirsty he has to have his own drinking bottle. Big chunks of back wash floating in it... pretty disgusting. Ransom likes to talk to people. I believe they think he may be 'special'. He is one goofy guy and I am glad he is ours! Kristen entertained us with her thoughts about body odors. Aside from the more rank odors that a human being is capable of emitting, I have to admit I like the smells of a person. I had some pretty big blood blisters on my feet. Paul had the honor of popping them. It was beyond cool, except they hurt. But the coolness outweighed the hurtness. Kelsie has not felt good this whole trip, it's hard being away from home and sick.

We headed back to make dinner... roasted hotdogs. The funniest part of dinner was when Austin brought his steak over to our camp to cut it. I had a piece, then I heard Abby ask for a piece and I guess the final straw was when Ransom had a piece... he announced he was out of there and finished eating over at Kevin & Kristen's camp. Lesson of the day? Never bring a steak over to a camp that is eating hotdogs.

Bedtime felt extra good.

1. Getting sunblocked 2. Kristen & Larry 3. Ransom & Abby
4. Ashlee & Conrad 5. Eating lunch 6. Ransom & Conrad1. Larry, Brenda, Kelsie & Abby, Paul & Ashlee, Ransom,
Katie & Conrad 2.Kevin & Sydney 3.Kelsie & Conrad
4. Our family 5. Trail marker 6. The Nelsons
1. Kelsie & Abby 2. Alex, Zac & Sydney 3. Larry & Conrad
4. Ransom, Katie & Conrad 5. Larry, Kelsie & Sydney 6. Conrad
1. Larry & Conrad 2. Katie & Conrad 3. Ransom 4. Froggies
5. Ransom & Katie 6. Larry & Kelsie1. Found a lizard 2. Hiking down 3. Ransom & Conrad
4. Kelsie & Austin 5. Kelsie 6. Paul & Ashlee

1. Katie & Conrad 2.Paul & Ashlee 3. Katie & Conrad 4. Kelsie & Austin
5. Ashlee & Zac 6. Ransom, Katie & Conrad
1. Zac & Abby 2. Playing Phase 10 3. Paul & Kelsie 4. Cousins
5. Zac 6. Ashlee & Jessica


Bark said...

As awesome as Europe is, this looks pretty fun!

Kinley said...

nice that you guys take a break from work and play!!! looks like it was nice weather for you.. Utah weather is so crazy

Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

How fun! Hope the weather was nice. I love the picture of the whole family in front of the arch.

Becky said...

Awesome pictures of your hike, capturing everyone'e personality, even the frogs. I saw the arches when I was young. It's as beautiful as I remembered. I'm so glad you had a great trip and family time together. I haven't had time to comment earlier, but I sure think of you all the time!Love you.