Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sewing Project at Church

Tonight for church, our young women learned new sewing skills while making a handy little bag... only thing was that Jeannie Christensen and I could not figure out the pattern for the greater part of the evening until we called Kathy Jo McKinlay who thankfully came running over in her cute pjs and helped us out. THANK YOU!!! (Have I told you how much I LOVE my church family?) They turned out darling and the girls had a lot of fun being together. We took good notes so when we want to make more and we lose our minds... we will find it again :)
Olya, Kelsie, Tanya & Amanda


The Ashtons said...

Hi Brenda,
I am just getting back to you about anyone I know working as a designer. I do know a girl in St. George - she used to work at the shop down there years ago. Her name is Melanie...can't remember married name. Anywya, it probably doesn't help since she is down south but she and her sister are really talented.
I wish I had the time to do even part-time work but I am so busy busy busy right now that I'm afraid I would be really unreliable and annoying. I heard you were going to put Pebbles papers on Heritage Makers. True?? I should have responded in email since this is so long. If I ever do any pages with current (that's my problem) product I'll bring them in to you.
I'll keep in better touch!

Becky said...

What fun to sew and then have it turn out cute and usable. I love to sew too...would just like more time to do it. You girls are all so beautiful. Enjoy your time together.