Thursday, March 5, 2009

French Toast Delivered

Every other Thursday morning we have our Pebbles in my Pocket meeting... PIMP we call it. We get together and focus on ways to make Pebbles better and try to solve a few world problems too! More and more I am focusing on Pebbles Inc. and Larry and the girls are running with the stores. I could not pick a nicer, more dedicated & fun, big hearted group of people to work with. Pebbles would not be Pebbles without them.

This morning Ransom popped in during the meeting with a plate of french toast he had made for he & Katie and they found a cozy corner and shared breakfast together. Can I tell you how much I love this boy? Ransom is kind & playful, hardworking too. He is always looking for ways to make Katie happy. He is the kind of Daddy to Conrad that every child dreams of. He always finds joy in the little things... just make him some good food, let him relax & have fun once in awhile and make sure he has plenty of BBQ sauce, dried mangos & hugs. I thank the Lord everyday that he is a part of our family.

Today there was a happy energy at home. Kelsie was quickly getting her homework done and home chores with a big smile on her face. Josh is flying in from Michigan tomorrow to see Kelsie & get things lined up for school at UVU in the Fall. It'll be good to see him :)

Maria, Amy, Larry, Katie, Danielle & Ashlee

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Becky said...

I liked Larry's expresssion best... calm, cool,collected and taking everything in stride. Loved the picture of Ransom and Katie sharing a breakfast together. You both are so blessed with love.