Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Spring Day

It's Spring... well at least for today. We never know what the weather will bring so we grab hold of the good days when we can. Ash watched Conrad today and brought him over and we went for a walk through the neighborhood after work. At first there seemed too much to do, but how do you turn down a walk with the Bigelow Boy and my girls? Every time Conrad sees or hears a dog or cat, he barks.

Today is Tuesday. My days to take care of Brenda Sederberg. I like Tuesdays because of her. We had a quiet talk that I will always remember... kids, struggles that somehow turn into blessings if we let them, the joy of serving one another throughout our lives (on the giving or receiving end, depending on what life brings), how short life is and somehow the one I care for, cares for me. I love my time with Brenda.

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Becky said...

Our life ia all about serving the Lord and showing love to others. I know I fail at this many times, especially with those closest to me. It is my prayer to serve more and love more with each passing day. I know your time with Brenda is a blessing from God. Thank you for your example sis and having a servant's heart.