Friday, March 13, 2009

Flowers For Mom

I will always remember this day in June 2005. I was having a real bad day at work. I don't remember why it was a bad day, but that's not why I will always remember it. Kelsie & Abby were at home cleaning the house to surprise me. Then they took a walk around the neighborhood with scissors in hand and cut some flowers to cheer me up. When I came home and saw the look of love on the faces of my two little ones, so excited to surprise me, my bad day instantly melted right away. I realized that no matter what happens in life, I was loved by my family and that is what matters most.
Just picked neighborhood flowers from Kelsie & Abby 2005


Becky said...

What a great memory and the pictures helped keep it fresh in your mind. Think of all the memories we have lost because we have no pictures to remind us!

Birrell Family said...

But just think of all the pictures we have memories of that we can blog??? Cool thought huh? Start blogging!