Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsey

Lindsey woke up to her #26 Birthday! What better way to celebrate her Bday than to dress her up in 80's clothes and take her out to dinner. Josh at work loves the 80's and helped me with some visuals printed off the internet. With papers in hand I headed to the thrift store. I had forgotten what an extremely ugly time period that was, but it quickly came back to me. Lindsey kept us all entertained and we had fun talking about childhood memories. Happy Bday Linds!

Lindsey's Favorite Family Times:
Making yummy food together
Back scratches
Homemade hot cocoa
Dancing in the kitchen
Learning a new skill
Walks around the neighborhood
Playing games
Talking in the front room
A kitchen filled with her favorite treats:
Wheat Thins, Cheese Nips, Cottage Cheese & Fresh fruit
Hugs & plenty of snuggling
When we say "We like when you visit us!"
Panini Sandwiches

Larry & I drove Kelsie to the airport for her trip to Michigan to see her friend Josh. A little nervousness was way out balanced by pure excitement. We miss her already, but are happy for both of them and know they will have a good time. A big thanks to Josh's family :)

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Mackey Family said...

Linds, you look . . . um . . . good!

Becky said...

It's been so busy this week, I'm just now checking your blog. Happy Birthday Lindsey! Love your style! (Sad thing is...I used to wear my hair just like it!) Brings back memories. You have the coolest mom and dad! I love you and pray God's blessings during your 26th year! XXOO