Monday, February 16, 2009

Cleaning Out

Sick day. I don't usually use them. But it was President's Day and Abby was home. It was a listening to music / jammie kind of day. Whenever my head would clear Abby & I would go through boxes and bags of stuff... mostly unfinished projects, old magazines, self help books, clothes that I had yet to repair that are now too small for the girls, etc . (All those unfinished projects that say 'loser' every time you look at them.) I cleared out the laundry room and the computer / photograph / project room in one gigantic swoop! I finished dozens of projects in one day simply by boxing them up for the thrift store. I am FREE! Some of these projects I have been meaning to do for years, but realistically am I going to do them? Not in this life time and hopefully not the next. Nothing felt better to do. The basic projects I have left to work on are: Organizing 28 years of photos, family history and Kelsie's graduation quilt.

Larry came home from St. George and we watched Transporter 2. We now believe that Frank can take on Jack, James & Jason at the same time :)

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