Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Boy Helper

I wonder if we squash a child's innate desire to be helpful by thinking we have to do things better & faster. Unfortunately, I think we as parents do this. I think women often do it to their husbands. Maybe it's the blessing of the second time around with a grandchild that we see the joy of life more clearly and appreciate all the little things more. We aren't so quick to get things done because the bulk of child care doesn't rest on our shoulders. Sadly, hindsight is often the best teacher...

Today after church, Larry, Paul & Ash and Amy went down to St. George to rearrange the front counter and get the electrical all working before Monday morning. They have more stuff to do for the store tomorrow and should be home by dinner. Kelsie is still gone to Michigan (Hi!) and Linds, Abs and I just had a quiet day hanging out together. I am getting a pesky cold that I hope will be gone in a couple of days. It's just enough to make you feel funky in the head. Linds made homemade chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies... Ransom & Katie dropped by with Conrad and had some soup... Conrad is sick for the very first time in his 15 month life and is miserable. Friends Garth & Marci dropped by for a visit with whole wheat bread that was out of this world yummy!

Conrad is becoming such a big helper!


susana said...

The pictures your posted really helped. I have been quite confused over who it who. I know what you mean about enjoying time with the little ones.
have a happy day

bulkleybunch said...

i love the side bar pictures!!!! you captured everyone's personality so well! i love lindsay's! kelsie must have been thinking about my kids when she posed! :) hope she's doing awesome. we love you guys!

Becky said...

A special helper makes even unloading the dishwasher fun. It's nice to gain wisdom as we age! Bet Kelsie is going to love the picture you posted of her in your side bar...not :)

Birrell Family said...

No one can flare their nostrils like Kelsie... no one :)