Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uncle Sam, Thrift Store & Last Supper

I drive past the Uncle Sam's and Lady Liberty's on State street every afternoon on my way home. Some days they dance and sway, other days they are more sluggish and can barely hold up their signs. I wonder about the people inside and about their lives. I think I will take them a treat this week. I wonder how much they get paid. I wonder what qualifications they need to have. I wonder if I would do it if I had to... of course I would! They are similar to Disneyland characters & clowns... which I find creepy. I wonder if they really do help the business they are representing? Seriously... these are tax companies. Would you take your financials to them?

Abby, her friend Miranda and I headed over to Saver's Thrift store tonight to find Pioneer Trek clothes for this summer. After last night's fireside, I knew we better get a jump on getting them now, soon all the clothes we need will be picked over. There is nothing worse than needing a pioneer bonnet last minute and knowing you're gonna have to make it. Ugh! We are looking for skirts, blouses, bloomers (pj bottoms), aprons & bonnets. They are sure to be a patchwork of color! They will have an incredible time on their four day trip and hopefully gain an appreciation of the many sacrifices that were made by the pioneers to come west...

Ashlee & I are flying out to Anaheim tomorrow afternoon with Bonnie, Josh, Lindsay and Kristia. Everything is packed except for my toothbrush. I pack lightly. Tonight was our last supper. It's tradition before someone travels overnight. Larry surprised me with Mi-Ranchitos to go and even got me extra tacos I love to have for breakfast... cold. Lucky me! I already miss my family and being home. We'll be back late Wednesday night.

Abby & Miranda... Thrift store pioneers!

God bless America!

Mi Ranchitos... my last supper!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun in Anaheim - hope it goes fabulous! Thanks for taking Miranda. She loves her shirts. They are going to love the trek - these two girls know how to do hard. I'm up for sewing whatever we can't find. Love ya!