Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Glare

Conrad is glaring. That’s right. Our little guy has now begun to stare us down and challenge us. At his young age he is unaware that he doesn’t have a chance, but it’s sure fun to watch him try. When we tell him no, he will look at us & glare, smile and quickly try to do what he is doing before we can stop him. I don’t think we have seen anything so cute. . . he glares, he growls & he is all over the place.

Our wait is over! We rushed home from church tonight to begin season 5 of Lost. . . with more questions than answers. Seriously, it is one of our favorite shows on tv.

We are officially ready for Spring. I don't like when it's cold just to be cold. There is no fresh snow to make it magical, though we still have a good 10" on the ground. If it does snow, we will be happy to embrace winter again!


Becky said...

Aren't grandchildren wonderful. Wisdom allows you to cherish the smallest of things, like a toddler glare. Give him a hug for me.

bulkleybunch said...

you captured the glare perfectly! soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the glare, can't believe it's raining, and for some reason I'm not quite ready for the snow to go. What's up with that?