Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Night Time Sledding Do-Again

I can already imagine what you must be thinking... snow again? UGH! But today it snowed the entire day and I didn't have to talk anyone into heading out into the cold... they were ready! Last night I took a good look at us sledding and realized that it's more like sled wrestling as we do our best to knock each other out of their sled. Paul & Ransom are especially competitive and it couldn't be more fun!

Of course this weather stinks for business, but we will continue to do the best we can and move forward in this struggling economy of ours and of course make time for moments like these :)

Click here for photos & videos


Brittany and Scott said...

looks like fun times, but i have to admit i don't miss the snow.

Becky said...

That had to be Paul and Ransom on the video. Those guys are brutal. We got a kick out of watching them with the flashes from the camera. Loved all the pictures and saw Larry sledding...usually he is doing the safer, saner thing and driving! Enjoy that snow before it melts into a river.